Our small bar / gallery space in Melbourne.
Opening in ...June? July? A small but rad space
for games and play and drinking and chills.

Obviously it's still a work in progress so
we'll update this as we make up more info.

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Online store, with a physical location
to be opened in Melbourne at BAR SK.

Stocking physical copies of games and
other media, hand crafted merchandise,
limited run tshirts, zines and ~misc~.

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Perth co-working space at the SK office!

In Conjunction with FTI we've cleaned up
the office and opened it up for devs and
anyone looking for a space to work.

It's like ten bucks a day, and Thursdays
are FREEEEEEE so come say hi and hang.

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This one is mostly FTI and Kate Raynes-Goldie,
we help where we can.

Monthly events for local developers to
show works-in-progress to the general public
in a relaxed environment. The location
alternates between Carpe Coffee (all ages)
and the SK office (18+ with cash bar).

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