Trees Go Ping & SK

31st March, 2016. This Must be the Place, Brisbane.
This was a small show in Brisbane to help the amazing Brendan Keogh get his curator groove going. It ran as a trial to gauge reaction from the community and financial viability, and while it didn't make much cash the crowd was enough to convince Keogh to plan more in the future.

WC&SK / Intimate

29th October, 2015. Inward Goods (RIP), North Melbourne.
Wonder Consortium are a great bunch of artists and devs and we've had a few amazing shows with them. This particular show was during MIGW, so our aim was to show weird stuff that wouldn't be represented otherwise. A lot of sexual games and the dildo controller. We got shut down by the cops :(

SK @ Babycastles

10th October, 2015. Babycastles, New York.
As part of our trip around the world we were stoked to be able to set up in Babycastles for the night. We showed Catnips and some other Australian games, but man, it was just amazing to be at Babycastles. We also made a game with the adorable Yann Seznec.

SFA <3's SK

31st July, 2015. Manilla Bar, Cape Town.
The first stop on our world travels, the crew from Super Friendship Arcade in Cape Town were so amazing to work with. We ran a hectic and amazing show, drank a bunch, walked up the mountain, made hardware, met local devs and generally had a great time in South Africa.

Freeplay 2015

10-19th April, 2015. Various places around Melbourne.
For their tenth aniversary, Freeplay went for ten days, but I think Dan survived. We went over to throw a party with Wonder Consortium, be part of the Freeplay Fete, and we put a game at the awards night just because why not. It was a huge amazing time.

Fringe 2015

23rd January-22nd February, 2015. Perth.
Let's see, for Fringe we put a version of our game Seed in the city for a whole month, put on a showcase for the Global Game Jam, and we had two free tournament nights in the Urban Orchard. It was actually really fun, but I don't know if we'd do it again.

Interstate Arcade

3rd November-12th December, 2014. ...Australia.
This was a huge tour we undertook in late 2014, loading up a van with a bunch of games and setting up exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. It was a huge undertaking and a heap of fun. So many good nights, and so many amazing devs. We love this country.


1st August, 2014. The Bakery (RIP), Perth.
For our first birthday celebration we hit up the Bakery and cemented our love for pairing alt games and live music. We even took Bush Bash down there, which required a tilt tray and a lot of patience. It was a great show, and we've done many more similar since then.



Win to lose, lose to win. Corazon del Sol, Archie P, Oscar David Alvarez.
We were contacted by Corazon early 2016 about making a non-phallic joystick controller. At some point non-phallic became vaginal and we took it from there. We created this vagina controller in a day, with a flip switch clitoris, button-labia and a reset button anus.

Dance Doom

Doom. ID software. The original one. That one.
We don't like controllers that are easy to use, so try playing doom as a two player co-op game using two dance mats. It ain't easy. Fun though. Try it.

Magnetic Arseholes

Genital Jousting. Evan Greenwood, Martin Kvale.
We saw this game in South Africa and the controller idea just seemed obvious at the time. We had some dildos delivered to a friends place in Melbourne and put this controller together in a day. The reactions were as amazing as they were diverse.

Forest of Sleep book

Forest of Sleep, Twisted Tree.
This was made in London for the superb Now Play This festival, and carried over to Austin for the opening of Fantastic Arcade. A simple magnetic switch and button, but it was so hard to make the book as pretty as the game! It's a gorgeous game.

Skull tooth game

Untitled game. Made by Louie.
A small skull made from clay, with washers embedded in its teeth. Plus a toothbrush with a wire, so you can see the primary interaction here. The most enjoyable part about this game/controller was the fact it was developed, played, destroyed and deleted all within twelve hours.

PMPY latex thing

Push Me Pull You. House House.
We made this way back in 2014 for this amazing game we'd seen in Melbourne. Our first play with latex, which went very well, and also our first time painting joystick balls and buttons. The latex...doesn't age well.

WFSP pizza boxes

Worlds Fastest Pizza. Oscar Brittain.
We've made this controller a few times now, just sticking a joystick in a pizza box. It's fun, it's tactile, and it's a pain to use. We can contruct one within a few hours now, what a skill to have.

RT skatie

RT. Made by Louie, art by heaps of people.
This digital gallery space was made as part of a group street art show, to create more exhibition space and just be rad. The controller is a skateboard deck with two trackballs, making a simple FPS walker really difficult to control.

Xbox controllers

Whatever game you want. Buy them.
We've been playing with xbox controllers for a while, and we finally found some good cheap ones to customise. Sometimes we do them for specific games, other times just because they're pretty. You can buy them at the bar or the online shop.


Cog and Balls

Cog And Balls is a multiplayer pinball-meets-pong game. Our first game to be put in a physical cabinet, it was housed in a cross shaped table constructed from a few trips to the tip. Originally 2v2, we've simplified this version to 1v1, allowing us to house it in our milk crate cabinets, and also it's a much easier version to play on pc. Works with xbox controllers.


Gundash is a four player platformer race. Each player can use their joysticks, or keyboard, to move and shoot, and will find shooting backwards is the fastest way forwards. Gundash is played on four podiums, each containing two joysticks, and trimmed with kangaroo hide, because it feels nice. It also is resistant to beer.


Catnips is a 2-team cat milking simulator. Described as "nifty" and "horrifying", deep down catnips is just about love, nipples, survival and catmilk. Not the easiest to describe in one paragraph, keep an eye out and experience it yourself next time the cats are in town.


Icarus is a two player co-op game about saving a sun from aliens, for some reason. Each player controls a satellite in orbit of the sun and must use their laser to hold off the attackers for as long as possible. When both players fire simultaneously, a third, more powerful laser, will activate. This game was made for our milk crate cabinets, and as such only uses two buttons per player.


Seed is a two player game created for the milk crate cabinets. Each player controls a small seed/spaceship thing, with only two buttons. They can fly around, avoiding the asteroids, and press both buttons to boost through the other player. Or just chill out and fly around, it's cool, no need to get violent. One day we might work on a downloadable version.

Electric Forest

Electric Forest is a collaboration between SK and local artist Arcadian Dreams. The game consists of floating around a surreal landscape as either a balloon or one of two bees. Up to three players can control at any one time, and when no one is controlling the characters simply float around. The bees can pop the balloon, causing another balloon to replace it, if you want to call that the win condition, be our guest.

Bush Bash

Bush Bash is our most ambitious game to date. A two player co-op game, the driver must navigate obstacles and try to pick up fuel cans to keep the car running, and the gunner must clear the enemies that will slowly drain your fuel as they shoot you. The cabinet was once a mitsubishi magna, but now it's been kitted out with a dash display, ammo indicator, radio, and the steering wheel is still actually connected to the tyres. How did we do it? Magic.


Skulls is a very simple 2-4 player game. Each player must collect three of the same object to win the game. It sounds simple, because it is, but the fun comes in getting in the way of other players, stealing the items they want and knocking them off course. Or you can just play nice, but that's boring.

Ocean Commotion

Ocean Commotion is a nautical whack-a-mole with custom made foot pedals. Two octopuses race to smack the sea creatures first to gain points. On each side of the cabinet there are five foot pedals, each corresponding to a tentacle. It can be played 1v1, or you can open up each side to as many players as you can fit. Too ...odd for a downloadable version, soz.


Astral is a 2 vs 1 space shooter. Think of it as a boss fight, one player controls the boss and two players control the small attacking ships. It's much easier to play as the boss, but it's more satisfying to win as the small ships, an odd trade off creating an interesting asymetical game.


Drop is a musical timing game for one or more players. Keeping the glowing drops bouncing will play more of the randomised audio tracks. It's like keeping the balloon off the ground, except digital, and with music, and you get a score at the end.

Two Shot/decline

Two Shot was an interesting little 2 player platformer where each player controlled a robot with only two bullets. The idea was to use them at just the right time, missing the mark would leave you defenseless. We also created a single player version set to an 8-bit version of song by The Decline, but never released it.


Bassball sits at the intersection of fishing and fighting. Players haul up a fish and smack it at their opponent, who can then smack it right back, and so on until someone ends up in the water. It's very loose and easy to play, plus it's fish-projectiles, which is nice.


Biru is a 4 player ninja-kick fight. Each ninja can only dash and fly-kick. Lining up the fly-kick takes skill, as well as avoiding the incoming fly-kicks, it's just a lot of fly-kicking really. It also looks really pretty.