Science of gambling

While gambling surely brings you a lot to get hooked on, it’s always beneficial if a person is able to keep a cold head.

Gambling gives you excitement, hope, that feeling of being alive…  Plus, it’s not all about emotions: you know so much about odds, betting strategies, “hot” and “cold” slots. And how could we forget the gamblers’ luck? It definitely works!

Let’s see what scientists and psychologists have to say about all that. We will go through the most popular beliefs that science has already dispelled.

I’m feeling lucky today

Lucky today

A lot of people decide to spend some time gambling on a regular day because of a unique feeling appearing as if from nowhere… The luck vibe can’t be confused with anything. But are you sure it’s not just the beautiful sunshine you are feeling?

The studies have shown that people in a good mood are more likely to take risks, and if they do, the steaks are going to be rather high. Anything can brighten up our day: nice weather, a small victory at work, a stranger’s smile… So, be careful and don’t take one of your good days for the lucky vibe coming your way.

Gambling triggers dopamine rush in your body. This hormone is in charge of happiness and let’s admit it: all of us crave it more than anything else. Gamblers are not an exception. It’s extremely easy for them to get addicted to dopamine rushes as they have such easy access to it.

I am on the roll

We may opt for gambling to have some fun, but casinos are a business, and their main goal is to make profit. They have to stimulate gamblers to spend more time and money in their venue, and they successfully apply science to achieve this goal.

Some experiments have shown that using bright colours, white noises, flashing lights and bell sounds increase excitement. As a result, players lose their head and make hasty risky decisions.

Don’t worry, casinos take advantage of it.

The odds are very high, I’ve been counting

Big win

There is no system that will help you outplay a casino.

The more times an event happens, the higher the chances get for a different event to happen. We are sure you’ve heard about this “Maths” law. This common belief is wrong. It’s a misconception also known as the Monte Carlo fallacy or Gambler’s fallacy.

It means that nothing is less likely or more likely to happen because of the outcome of the previous event. Every gambling outcome is random, and the odds of any result are always the same.

So, if you see a row of 5 red numbers, don’t think that the chance of a black number appearing is getting higher.

The same goes for “hot” and “cold” pokies. Some players believe that the longer you play on one slot, the “hotter” it gets, and the chances of winning are also rising. Taking into account the things we’ve said before, we insist that there are no such things as hot and cold pokies.

It could have been me

In conclusion, we will mention another psychological phenomenon called “Bandwagon effect”. It is based on our basic need to be a part of society. If we hear that someone’s hit a massive jackpot on the news and crowds of people are buying the same lottery tickets right now, we are likely to join the frenzy. Think about it next time before making a final decision which won’t necessarily concern betting money.

We can’t deny it, playing at a casino is fun. Nevertheless, healthy gambling habits are crucial. Stay cool, don’t rely on odds and superstitions. Play responsibly.